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Megan O'Neil Ecuador

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About me

I am originally from Auburn, Alabama and moved to Quito in 2007. My husband is from Quito and we have been married for a little over one year. This is my third year teaching 5th grade and it is honestly my favorite grade to teach. Apart from teaching, I love reading and also consider myself a writer.


I really enjoy
all types of

Movies and TV:

My favorite
movies are
comedies and
dramas. I also
like to watch
horror films
from time to
time. Right
now, my
favorite TV
shows are The
Big Bang Theory
and Losing it
with Jillian


I don't really
play sports,
but I love to
watch American
Football! My
college team is
the Auburn


I really love
the arts. When
I was growing
up, I performed
in many plays
and even
studied some
Theatre in
college. I love
writing and
usually write
poems, short
stories, and
novels in my
spare time. It
must run in my
family, because
my si


I am really
excited about
this school

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5th Grade